Cleaning Durocab
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Inventory Durocab

Durocab provides a Cleaning & Reparation service

Cables and powerboxes get dirty and need reparation over time. Durocab provides a service where you can drop-off full cable sets and powerboxes to clean, repare and inventory them.

Here we explain how we do this.


Our cable's and powerboxes are used mostly on stage or at construction sites. These places are not the cleanest places and there is often not much time to clean every cable after it has been used. We can clean your cable professionally in combination with our repare and inventory services.


Cable's or powerboxes not working? It is often cheaper to repair them than buying new one's. Durocab uses professional machines and techniques to test and repair cable's and powerboxes. Instead of asking your warehouse keeper, ask a quotation at Durocab to repair all your cable's and powerboxes with the proper know-how.


After cleaning & reparairing your products, we will inventory them. This means you will get a list with all types of cable's, powerboxes,... and how much of each you have.